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Family Enrichment Seminar


Saturday,February 24
8:45 - 12:15

Pastor Tim Pasma

Session One

Toddlers to Tweens: Discipline and Delight


Can you raise children and enjoy them too? Many parents despair rather than delight in their children. Find out how God has put discipline and delight together.

Session Two

Teens: Letting Go and Maintaining Order


During this session we will explore the biblical commands and precepts which guide us in loving our children well. In particular, we will investigate how the biblical parameters of grace and corrective discipline promote a joyful journey in parenting.

Session Three

When Kids Make Bad Choices


How can you prevent your children from making bad choices? What do you do and how do you respond in a godly way when they do make those choices? Let’s look together at Scripture, which has the answers.




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