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Saturday,February 25
9:00 - Noon
General Session

Cultivating a Biblical View of Leadership in the Home

Pastor Russ Kennedy

This seminar will help couples as well as all believers, interpret and gain a deeper understanding of the biblical model of leadership and submission for their homes. The focus will be on the biblical role of a husband and the biblical model of leadership. We will address the objections and issues that surround authority and submission while prizing and maintaining the brother/sister relationships foundational to marriage.

Saturday,February 25
9:00 - Noon

Session One

God's Design for Communication in Marriage

Pastor Tim Nixon

One of the most common complaints you will hear in modern marriages is, “We just don’t communicate!” Poor communication certainly makes a mess of things. Unbiblical communication produces hurt, anger, ignorance and disunity in the body of Christ and in marriages and families. Poor communication gives Satan a foothold, destroying the unity of the Body of Christ and disrupting the one-flesh relationships husbands and wives should be developing. For the sake of your marriage, Christians must learn to communicate in a godly fashion.

Session Two

Parenting: Grace, Discipline and Joy in the Journey

Dr. Jim Koerber

During this session we will explore the biblical commands
and precepts which guide us in loving our children well. In particular, we will investigate how the biblical parameters of grace and corrective discipline
promote a joyful journey in parenting.

Session Three

How Do You Rate as a Lover?

Pastor Danny Wright

Do I really love my spouse? Am I actively serving, meeting needs, fulfilling legitimate desires, attempting to please and help my spouse? Too often we come to intimacy in marriage with a whole boatload of ignorance or misinformation. The glow of a relationship that has properly anticipated the joy of intimacy needs to be carefully instructed so that there are real and biblical expectations and aims.




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