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Biblical Counseling Training

Basics Training Course


To equip Christians for discipleship and crisis counseling.


To examine what Scripture teaches about both our hearts (the root) and our behavior (the fruit), and how we are to repent, believe and obey Christ in life changing ways, and help others do the same.

  • Biblical Foundations —Heart Issues
  • History of Counseling Philosophy
  • Goal and Elements of Biblical Counseling
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Self-love, Self-esteem or Self-worship?
  • Spousal Roles, Relationships and Intimacy
  • Parental Attitudes and Goals
  • Child Rearing and Discipline
  • Anger,Fear, Worry, Depression & Guilt
  • Self-Control, Breaking Life-Dominating Sins


Book List and Reading Assignments

Download the booklist and reading assignments with sample reading response form. Access to all reading report forms will be sent upon registration.

Biblical Counseling is modeled through viewing and discussing video taped counseling sessions, Q & A , and role playing.

This module provides all the instruction required for ACBC Certification.


Advanced Training Courses


These advanced courses are aimed to help the counselor become more skilled in helping people. Taught by experienced and qualified people working in the area being addressed, these advanced studies will equip the counselor to better help people grow and change.

Note:     Completion of a Basic Training Module
or a ACBC approved Level 1 or Track 1 Course is a prerequisite.

Counseling Young Adults

Feb 17

9am - Noon

This course is designed to help the counselor bring biblical guidance and hope to young adults. The unique challenges of changing relationships with parents, friends, and colleagues can cause stress and misunderstanding.  All of these changes are an opportunity for them to learn grace, accountability, and demonstrate greater love. 

Having the Mind of Christ When Reconciliation Does Not Appear Likely

March 17

9am - Noon

Many questions arise when a counselee has done everything within their responsibility to resolve conflict - and reconciliation does not seem immeditalely possible. This course will explore the challenges this scenario presents in the heart of the counselee as wee as the practical implications they will face.

Reversing and Revising the Theology of Suffering for the Christian Counselee

April 21

9am - Noon

The intent of this course is to reverse and revise the theology of unjust suffering for the Christian counselee by answering, “What does the Bible say about God’s treatment of the unjust?” Dominant husbands, manipulative wives, harsh and controlling supervisors, abusive parents, and rebellious children threaten our happiness. Americans see happiness as a right, and relief as the answer to personal injustice. We will learn ways of helping others have a right view of injustice and suffering.

Anthropology and Psychologized Counselees

May 19

9am - Noon

Every system of counseling works with a "doctrine of man," secular or biblical.  Counseling theory and practice always grows out of your view of man. In this session we will explore how  the counseling theory and practice of a secular therapist, an integrationist and biblical counselor all grow out of their view of man.  As biblical counselors, we counsel folks all the time who have accepted psychological terminology to help themselves.  How should you understand such counselees, what are you to make of such terminology, and how can you help them?  We will also spend time with case studies and have time for Q and A.



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